30 August, 2007

Abby's pictures

I picked up Abby's pictures today from target. Aren't they GREAT! I really think they show her personality. The pictures was taken the same day she got her haircut and fancy do. You cant tell but she has two little braids on each side and they curled her hair. As soon as we got home she took the braids out and wet her hair so it would be all straight.
Abby really loves her hair and it is so easy to manage we all just love it!

27 August, 2007

A tisket a tasket, Tabby in a basket.

You all know how much Tabitha enjoys putting things in a basket, or purse or bag. Well this was a first, she put herself in the basket, and she fit!

24 August, 2007

Terrible twos?

At the sight of my large Sonic cup Tabitha has a complete melt down. She wants to drink the soda so badly. She throws herself on the floor, kicks and screams! She doesnt act like this when the girls are home. Or maybe I overlook it!

Abby got her hair fixed today. Its all even now and the layers are all over instead of one spot. She was pretty excited about the cut!

On our way to get her hair cut we were caught in a horrible thunderstorm. There was lightning everywhere and the wind must have been over 40 mph. It was like someone was throwing buckets of water on my car. By the time we got to the hair cutting place the storm was just about over. I havent driven in a storm like that in years!

23 August, 2007

The slide is to go down!

I took Tabitha to the park today. This is the first time she has ever gone without her sisters. Boy was that a change. I don't ever remember it being that difficult with all three.
We met a bunch of ladies and their kids from our moms group. It was a perfect day too. Not hot at all. Tabitha started out playing on steps and we made our way down the slide a few times. But then she discovered she could climb up the slides. The was great fun for her. It would have been ok if the other kids didn't want to go down the slide. The didn't make a bit of difference to her. As far as Tabitha was concerned it was her slide and she could climb up if she wanted to!
Luckily though no one got hurt!

Now we just need to work on her sharing skills!

22 August, 2007

All is well.

The girls are very happy with school. Maddy loves seeing her old friends and Abby is loving making new ones.
This year Abby gets to have music and p.e. She really loves that.
I think Tabitha enjoys her time with me alone. All of the sudden she is talking more and answering my questions. Very cute!

20 August, 2007

First Day of School

They were so ready for school. Maddy wanted to see her friends and Abby wanted to eat lunch at school. So off they go!

Happy day girls!

Before and After

Abby saw on TV a story about Locks of Love a few weeks ago. She got a certificate for her birthday to get a haircut and she asked if she could give her hair to locks of love. I thought the 10 inch requirement would make her hair too short for her dad and I. We just love her long hair.

So we took the girls for back to school haircuts. I asked how short her hair would be and it wasn't bad at all and Abby still wanted to do it. We are so proud of her and her decision!

Maddy just got a trim and a few layers added. There is no way we will let her cut her hair short. Those beautiful curls!!!!

Girl Scout Camp out.

Maddy's girl scout troop had a camp out. They girls were responsible for putting up the tents and taking them down. They did so well. They got to go on a night hike and look for different animals. The leaders had put pictures of animal eyes prior to the camp out for the girls to look for. They also got to cook smores. Oooooey gooey! They loved that.

They played lots of games. The girls went to bed around 1:00 am!!!! In the morning the had to get their breakfast from the trees. The moms had hung bananas and granola bars from the trees. They thought that was pretty cool. They also got to learn about poison ivy. What characterizes the plant and then we hiked to look for some. Of course we stayed very far away!
Maddy had such a good time camping and being with all her Friends!


Took the girls bowling today with our MOMS group. This is another of our favorites. The girls just love to bowl. They are getting pretty good too, Maddy got 2 strikes and Abby got 3 spares. Not bad for a 9 and 6 year old.

Tabitha unfortunately didn't have as much fun. She wanted so badly to go down the lanes and get the pins. We kept her a little busy "keeping score" then a friend took her and almost put her to sleep. She was so much happier after that. THANK YOU JONNELLE!

Oreos, ice cream, soda, and swimming

Our MOMS group had a back to school ice cream social and swimming. Two little someones gave Tabitha a couple of Oreo cookies. Can you say mess!

She did pretty good actually! The mess really came when I gave her her own bowl of ice cream.

Maddy and Abby had fun making there own ice cream sundays. Yum. Someone brought chocolate whipped cream. OH MY was that good! The girls liked that the best!

Tabitha also liked my soda. She was carrying around this huge cup of soda. The cup was almost as big as her. We got the biggest laugh from it!

After, we went swimming. Nothing is more fun than swimming with friends!

Dinosaur Museum and Splash Pad

We met up with a friend today and went to Norman to the Dinosaur Museum. We visit there at least once a year. The girls never get tired of seeing the dinosaurs and playing in the kids discovery room. Tabitha really enjoyed the room too. She liked seeing the frogs and playing with many different puppets.

After we went for a picnic lunch in the park and over to play at the splash pad. This is the first time Tabitha has actually gotten to play. She loved the water and really enjoyed bring it to me by pinches and each time she said daint ooh (thank you). Maddy and Abby made some friends and the had a great time playing with them. Next year we must go more often!!!

I left off at we were going camping.....

And camping we did! We had such a great time at Lake Tenkiller. Everything was so green and beautiful. We started our trip off by looking at the dam. The girls thought that was so neat. It really was beautiful there.

Then we went to a town close by for lunch. We ended up eating at a little drive in called Princess. Good home cooking! The people were so friendly there. Then it was time to check into our cabin. We were so happy to see it.

We quickly unpacked and went to the nature center for ice cream making. That was fun. The girls make there own ice cream in a zip lock back by doing a lot of shaking and it was sooooooo good too. Especially with the heat in the 100's.

After that we changed in to our swim suits and headed to the lake for a swim. The water was so nice. Even Tabitha enjoyed the swim. The next morning we we took a nice hike and saw lots of pretty flowers and some nice areas by our cabin. We then packed up and went to lunch. We went to a little resort called the Fin and Feather. They had a place there called Soda Steve's. The food there was so good! YUMMY! We want to go back and eat there again. Who cares if its 3 hours to get there! After lunch we went to another state park to swim at. The area wasn't as nice and the water was warm and being invaded by turtles. We left and came back to our cabin just in time for a hay ride. The was so much fun. Every time we saw someone we all shouted HI! The girls got a big kick out of that.

After that we went to the pool with a slide, diving board, and a log roll. The girls were jumping off the diving board and doing the log roll with perfection by the time we left. That was Abby favorite part! When we got back to the cabin we got ready to grill burgers and make smores. Maddy helped Vinod with the grill. Dinner was so good. We were ready for bed so no swimming that night.

The next morning we took the girls fishing and guess what...Abby caught a fish. Since I cant handle worms we used hot dogs as our bait! Works every time!

By now it was time to check out of our cabin and go eat lunch. At the park we stayed at, there was a floating lake. We ate outside and watched the boats go by. After we fed our leftover fries to the HUGE fish. The were about 24 inches long and they fought for the fries, splashing water everywhere. Even that got a oooh from Tabitha!

We took the girls for one last swim in the lake. They even got to swim from a rope and jump into the lake. They really liked that!

So that was our camping adventure. It was so much fun. We loved every minute of it and we cant wait to do it again! Oh and I did get to float out on the lake!

09 August, 2007

The doctor is in.

Today we had playgroup at our house and Tabitha found the stethoscope and put it around her neck. She walked around for quite a while with it. At one time she had the stethoscope on and a doll in her lap and the doll's pacifier in her mouth. Quite funny!

We are just about ready for our camping trip to Lake Tenkiller. The girls are so excited. They cant wait to fish and swim. I cant wait to lay on a float on the lake and relax. It is
supposed to be in the 100's so I am sure there will be a lot of swimming.
So until Monday......Have a great weekend!

06 August, 2007

I forgot....

Thursday night Abby lost another tooth! She wiggled and wiggled the tooth and I pulled it out for her. She was so excited. She just loves it when the tooth fairy comes to visit!

A very uneventful week.

Last week we didnt do a whole lot. Monday grandpa came for a visit and he even stayed the night. The girls were so happy he was here. They miss him so much!

Saturday Abby went to the bank to open her first savings account. We are so proud of her for wanting to save her money. Sunday she picked out a new comforter for her bed with some of her birthday money. It is very bright and cheerful just like her. Both of the girls also got new tennis shoes for school.

This week we will be busy getting ready for our camping trip.

02 August, 2007

C is for Cookie

Well, I can't take Tabitha to Target without getting her a cookie from the bakery too!

She doesn't eat as neatly as Maddy, but boy does she love cookies!