26 September, 2007

Here you go.

Tabitha was helping me put laundry in the washer. Each time she handed me clothes she said something and it got clearer each time. She was saying "here you go." I grabbed the camera to see if she would do it again and she did and ended it with a thank you!

"I am really a Brownie!!!"

Abby saying the pledge.

Abby had her first Brownie Troop meeting yesterday after school. There are 15 girls in her troop. They had a snack and made I love Brownies bracelets. After her meeting she said to me "I really am a Brownie now! I have waited all my life!"

She loves it when I laugh out loud she lets out a big belly laugh herself!

At Maddy's last meeting they went to the Girl Scout office to get their sashes so this meeting I sewed her patches on and she had it for her meeting. Oh and Maddy is in her PJ's because an author came to their school today to visit with the children. The Author likes to write in her pj's. They make her feel most comfortable. So to make her feel welcomed the kids could come to school in their pj's. Maddy before she went to bed said, I am getting ready for school now and got in to her pj's!

Somebody save these silly girls!!!

We were all in the house when I heard this very loud noise. So I went outside and found this right over our house.

I ran inside to get the girls to show them and had to run back in to get the camera because they were sooooooo silly. They were yelling and flopping on the ground, "help me....save me" when I said it was a tv camera (there ended up being a car accident just west of our house) they started yelling "look at me...look at me" Abby even started singing! Such silly girls!

25 September, 2007

All better now.

Maddy did have a bladder infection. The er gave her some medicine that didn't help her specific infection so she wasn't feeling better yesterday. The doctor gave her a new antibiotic and this morning she woke up back to her old self!


23 September, 2007

Our ER visit!

We got to the ER just after 9 yesterday morning and left at 1:00. Maddy has symptoms of a UTI but her labs came back inconclusive. She has to go back on Monday to see our doctor. Thankfully the bleeding stopped but the pain is still bad. She had to have blood drawn and it took me and 3 other nurses to hold her down. That was horrible. She is feeling much better today and I think she will be ok to go to school tomorrow.

19 September, 2007

She Nose!

Big things have been happening for Tabitha! She is saying Abby-babby, Maddy-Maa-ee, and Dora-ora. The funniest is she has found her nose. We ask her where her nose is and she pinches it and laughs when you go honk honk. She loves to pinch her nose as well as anyone else's!

We watch a little girl on Wednesdays her name is Josie. Tabitha really likes her. She is so sweet and nice to her. Always offering her snack (even though Josie can't eat them) and toys. Today Josie left while Tabitha was having a little quiet time in her room. When she got up she kept going to the door where Josie sleeps and was shushing. I opened the door to put her bed away and Tabitha got sooooo excited. She ran in there and said hi baby (which may be Josie but I am not sure) When she saw she wasn't in there she started to cry and carried around her blanket for about 30 minutes! It was very cute.

I also forgot to post our trip to the pet store yesterday. We went with the MOMS Club. Tabitha did very well sitting in her stroller pretty much the whole time. We were very early (I am early all the time now by the way!) so we went to see the Guinea Pigs. Tabitha loved them. Later on in our tour she got to pet one! She also loved seeing the kitties!

17 September, 2007

Another photo shoot

The scrapbook store had their 2 year anniversary Saturday. They had a big sale and a photo shoot from April who used to have a studio but gave it up and now she just does it for fun. She definitely has the knack for it! We had not gotten Maddy's 9 year pictures so I took just her to get her pictures done. She had a fun time and her pictures turned out very well.
Also for those who may have noticed I got my hair cut short again. I personally love it this way. Its so much easier to fix. The second and last one are my favorites!

15 September, 2007

Asian Moon Festival

The college here in Edmond had a little festival for kids celebrating Asian traditions. They showed and played handmade drums, several different kinds of Martial arts, and had dancing dragons. The girls just love this. This is our second year to go. This year they had face painting and several crafts for the kids. Tabitha didn't think much of the dancing dragons but Maddy and Abby love dancing to the beat of the big drum they play and push around the pond.

Abby told them that she wanted her whole face painted like a dragon. See her white teeth!

That is Maddy in front of the Dragon.

Abby likes to chase the dragons. Its fun because the guys inside get really silly and sometimes chase back!

14 September, 2007

Little critters

Yuck yuck yuck! So while we were out this afternoon, a little tiny tick found its way on Tabitha's back. That is the first tick I have ever picked off of anyone. Thank you to my friend Jonnelle, who told me how to do it. Tabitha stayed still and luckily no one else had any on them.


Strike a pose

The girls were all playing outside this afternoon. The weather was beautiful! I though I might have a chance to snap a picture of all the girls for grandma but instead the girls wanted to play supermodel! Here are some of my favorites. Sorry grandma maybe next time I can get all three to look at the camera!

13 September, 2007

Busy week but not a lot done.

This week we didn't do a whole lot. Maddy had her first girl scout meeting and they went to the girl scout office and shopped for their uniforms. Maddy got a sash. Now I just need to sew and iron on her patches. Next week Abby will be starting her group, she cant wait.

Both of the girls really enjoyed their 2ND week of dance. I took Tabitha over to a little deli and got a cookie. She is now signing, more, eat, bath and all done. She ate her cookie and asked for more, eat more, and then she dropped cookie on the floor and said bath and when she was out of water she said all done. She is really learning well!
Today I took Tabitha to the park and I remembered to take the camera. She had a lot of fun sliding DOWN (yea!!!) the slide. After a while she started signing more but quickly it was time to go home and take a nap.
Oh and Tabitha is vocalizing a word very well these days. No. Some times it has a nice squeal to it and other times she emphasised the o. The girls love to ask her if she loves them just to hear her no answer.

06 September, 2007

New Pictures of A.J.

What a cutie! He is now almost a month and a half old and he weight close to what Tabitha weighs. I think he looks like his mom but he does have his dads lips.
I cant wait to see him at Christmas!

05 September, 2007

Hip to the Hop

The girls have started dance. Maddy is taking ballet this year. She says she is going to be on pointe by the time she is 12. I know she can do it! She loves it and her teacher is lovely!

Now Abby is taking hip hop. She wasn't supposed to be taking her class until Saturday but we got very lucky and at the same time as Maddy's class they were having a class that Abby could join. That makes it so much easier on me!

Abby loves it and was sharing her cool girl move and other (cute!) moves. Hip Hop is very much Abby. A little dance and A LOT OF ATTITUDE!

We got our Kicks on Route 66!!!

We took the girls to Route 66 on the East side of Edmond. We ate breakfast at Pop's, this little place that has over 400 bottles of soda. They also serve food, which was very good. Its a new little place. They had the best service I have ever had!

After we took the girls to see the Round Red Barn. Just amazing. It is over 100 years old. Downstairs they have it set up as a museum tell about it's history and the history of Arcadia and up stairs they have it as a meeting room. I wanted to have a big barn dance. It was so neat! I really think my dad need to build his barn just like the round barn and put in a loft so I can have a barn dance with the girls.

Then we went up the road a bit more and found the first service station in Oklahoma on Route 66. I wish someone would restore that and make it a little shop of some sort.

The on a whim we decided to go to this place that had a VW bug buried in the ground. It turns out its a little museum. More of a hobby for the owner. He had a lot of memorabilia all over and an area set up as a diner and theater. Upstairs he has Herbie hanging out the side of the building. The girls got in and drove for a bit! Cute!!!
This VW bus is a replica from one of the cars in the movie Cars.
Then it was time to go home.

Thanks Route 66 for sharing your history with us!

The greatest play area ever!!!

We took the girls to a Children's Museum in Enid about an hour and a half away from us. They had a great time playing. Maddy loved the human skeleton they had and the under the sea room. It really amazed her and Abby loved the dress up room and the black light maze. Tabitha loved the water area at the outside play area. Holy cow! What a play area. Tabitha thought the water area was her own personal pool. She loved it so much!

Party and Bath

Saturday we went to a birthday party of a friend. Harrison turned one and had a cute Notre Dame football party. The girls had a great time. Tabitha got to eat some ice cream and the big girls loved the pinata! Fun time.

After Tabitha's bath I gave her all bundled in a towel to Maddy and she let her cuddle her. She almost looks like a newborn in the picture. It is just the sweetest picture!