30 May, 2008


We just discovered something Tabitha just cant get enough of...

You guessed it Blueberries! Oh my goodness she is blue! She is outside eating the blueberries so she doesn't get the house all blue. She knocks on the door and signs blue and signs more.


My Girl Scouts

Maddy and Abby sold so many boxes of cookies they earned enough money to each buy a uniform! I am just so proud of them and next year when they sell cookies they will look great in their uniforms.
We start taking orders for cookies in January!


Bubbles Baby

Abby and Tabitha love bubbles. Abby loves to blow them and Tabitha loves to catch them. Abby was so cute and patient when she taught Tabitha how to blow. When Tabitha didnt make any bubbles, Abby would say thats ok try again and she would get it all ready for her. Tabitha is now a pro at blowing bubbles. Thanks Abby!


27 May, 2008

The last day

Today was the very last day of school. A big ol day of fun! The girls were so excited. I just cant believe 1st grade and 4th grade are all done. Sniff sniff.
Happy Summer!



I just love this restaurant. And the show is so much fun. Vinod and the girls have never been so I just had to take them!
Abby just loved watching everything. Maddy loved the salad, and Tabitha had fun walking around eating rice!
Our waiter was very nice too and he loved having his picture taken which was great for me!
The food was so good as usual! Abby and I had the chicken, Vinod had steak and chicken and Maddy had vegetables...lot of them...YUMMO from her!



Abby got invited to a birthday party at the zoo. We decided to all go. We dropped Abby off at the party and than walked around the zoo. It was a nice day. Lots of animals were out and easy see to see which is always nice. We even took Maddy and Abby on the train, which Tabitha LOVED! Tabitha loves Trains, Elmo and thanks to the girls the Teletubbies (thanks girls ;)
Tabitha was so happy to ride the train and just loved it when the train went toot toot!
When it was time to get Abby from the party they all got to go down the slide. Tabitha too!


Muddy Abby Pie

Oh my goodness that Abby is a hoot! The girls just love going out and playing with the water hose. We have a spot where the trampoline was that is lacking grass. A little water and a little dirt makes mud and Abby had so much fun in it! She rolled in the mud, did flips in the mud, scooted, and made mud angels. Abby had the time of her life!
It was so funny. I didn't want to stop her! She was having so much fun.
Of course it took lots of soap to get her clean!
Oh and she is wearing a light pink swimsuit that somehow I managed to get clean!


Martin Nature Center

It has been a couple of months since the girls and I have been to the park and they have changed it quite a bit. I am really hoping they keep it they way they have it now. The walk is much nicer. Tabitha wanted to be held most of the time. Which was ok for a while than my arm started to hurt. Tabitha loved feeding the fish. It was a good thing we brought some bread. The fish and turtles were fighting over it. They must have been hungry.
After our walk we went over to McD's for lunch. Yum!


22 May, 2008

Fire Station Tour

I took Tabitha and Olivia on a tour of the fire station. Both of the girls loved seeing the firemen and fire trucks. They even got to go into the little fire house. Its a little house set up for kids that makes smoke and sets off the smoke detector so they can learn what they need to do in case there is a real fire. Both of the girls enjoyed it and did not get upset when the alarm went off.

Sprinkler fun.

The temperatures are in the 90's. So that means its time to break out the swimsuits and sprinkler. It wont be long and the pool will be ready to splash in.
The girls had a great time playing in the water even Lucy had a little fun!

Touch A Truck A Success

An aerial view.
This is the front of the steel crane that came.

The sheriffs office brought the big command center which was fun to look at.
This is the pink limo the girls loved!
We had 4 different race cars come. Let me tell you the drivers were the nicest people I spoke to.

Aerial view of some vehicles.
The helicopter landed right in front of us. Great show!
There is a steel crane, RV, Fed Ex, Red Cross, cement truck, Gymnastics bus, moving van.
We had 2 firetrucks, and the fire house as well as an ambulance and several police vehicles.
This is the Gator we used to drive around. Made delivering water and donuts very easy!

My MOMS club put together this event called Touch A Truck. It was on Saturday and the event was a HUGE success! We had about 30 vehicles in attendance, about 1000 people can and climbed all over the vehicles and we earned $1400 for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

I just cant say enough about how amazing this event was. I loved planning it and I loved seeing the excitement on every ones face. I am also very happy to report the MOMS Club will be doing this again next year!

11 May, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Maddy!!!

Its official, Maddy is now in the double digits. Can you believe it? I know I cant. What an amazing daughter I have. I love her so much. We had a wonderful day all just hanging out with each other. We had lunch at Olive Garden and had dessert at home. Maddy made her own cake and what a great job she did.
Happy Birthday Madeleine!