04 June, 2008

Lake Arcadia

We could not have picked a better day for a trip to the lake. The water was perfect and even though there was a lot of wind it kept us pretty cool.
We had fun swimming, building sand castles, and picnicking on the beach. The girls want to go to the lake every week now!


Junie B. Jones and the Smelly Bus

A bookstore in town was having Junie B Jones visit. She has come once before but we had to miss it so we could not miss it this year! Her skit was a show and tell about a few of her books. Like when she was a lunch lady, or when she was in a band. The girls loved it. Quite a show. Junie B. was very funny and the girls definitely enjoyed seeing her. They even got to see a few friends from school. The funnies part was when we were getting our book autographed and Tabitha started to cry, Junie B. said she sounded just like her brother Ollie. Abby thought that was pretty funny!

This book store has very tall bookshelves with ladders. Both of the girls enjoyed very much climbing up the ladder. Tabitha was quite content with little chairs that kept getting taken away from her by another tot and the choo choo table.

After that we went over to see a very pretty fountain and then in the elevator all the way up to the 16th floor. We got to look out a window and see beautiful Oklahoma. This was the highest the girls have ever been in Oklahoma.

This is Pearl. She is the mascot of the book store. She is made out of hundreds of pearls. Isn't she beautiful!

Since we were so close to Vinod's work we met him for lunch. We decided to eat out side and it was so windy Maddy;s french fries blew away!

That was quite a fun day!

Water Fun

Since Tabitha loves water so much we found this fun water table for her to play with. She just loves splashing the water around and pushing the boats in the water. Of course her sisters loved playing with it to!