14 November, 2008


I have to put down some of the cute things Tabitha says.

1. My mommy
Not really sure why she constantly says this but she does, everywhere we go.
2. Thffffph (blowing a raspberry)
This is her hello when she is nervous. Yes we get strange looks.
3. Miss you
If she walks into another room and comes backs she always says I miss you.
4. My eyes
She is referring to her sunglasses
5. Gwirl
The squirrels at the girls school makes her a little nervous. She likes seeing them when we are in the car but when we walk to the school she is a bit afraid the gwirls will come out.
6. Bugga Bugga
This refers to any bug. Thanks Dora
7. I do I do
Tabitha has to try to do everything first and is usually followed by help me.
8. Big Bites
That's her Wheatbix cereal
9. Hey Little Momma
This is referring to dance or gymnastics
10. I got pizza hands.
She tells this to everyone. She learned this in gymnastics...it is the position to do a back flip/backwards somersault.
11. Dats Mommy's copee
When ever we see a Starbucks she says this.
12. Dats mommy's pepper
Every time we pass 7-11 she says this.
13. I want to eeeet.... What do you want Tabitha.... A COOKIE
Give this girl a cookie and she will be your friend....right after you get a raspberry!
14. Uwa
This is Olivia her favorite friend.
15. Daddy newone
She says this ever time she sees an FJ Cruiser even on t.v!
16. I want my mommy/daddy.
It is so wonderful to be wanted:)
17. I love you mommy.
This is my favorite.

Tabitha is talking so much and I love everything she has to say. I just wanted to share it some of it.

10 November, 2008

Girl Scout Fun!

This weekend Maddy and I went to a Girl Scout conference for teens and tweens. Friday night they had a dance, which took Maddy a while to get her groove on but once she did she had a lot of fun.
One of the highlight was getting to meet actress Jodi Shilling and Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson. Both gave very good speeches to the girls.
This picture is with Jodi Shilling.

These girls are from Maddy's Junior Girl Scout troop.

Saturday we got to attend several "classes" on activities and self esteem for the girls. I even went to a great class on why girls act the way they do. All I can say is WOW!
At lunch Maddy was pretty funny. She made the most delicious looking pickle sandwich! YUM YUM!!! Wish I got a picture of that.

Fall has Arrived!

Maddy and Abby got the rakes out and made a nice pile of leaves to jump into. Fall fun for everyone! Tabitha was turning somersaults in the leaves, so cute! Abby really loved getting the leaves in her hair.
It was a beautiful fall day.

05 November, 2008

There is a storm a brewin....

On the way home from school today there was a HUGE wall cloud right above my neighborhood. There were 2 news channels flying around and the wall cloud had a little rotation to it. It was a fast moving storm and about 15 minutes after we got home it was about 15 miles away.

As soon as we got home I ran and got my camera to get a picture and all I got was the back end of the wall cloud. Still it is quite impressive. The clouds were so low too.


I am it again...

Here are my instructions:
I've been tagged (by my wonderful friend Jonnelle) to do the following:
1) Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer
2) Choose the 4th picture
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 other people

This picture was taken July 14th and Tabitha is painting applesauce all over her highchair. Its actually the 3rd picture, there were only 3 in that folder:)

So I am actually going to tag 4 people this time. I see I have some followers:) so Cindy, Amy J, and Allison your it along with....................Kristi. Have fun girls!

I voted!

I took the girls to vote yesterday and after standing in line for 2!!! hours we did it! The girls loved seeing a real ballot and getting to turn it in.
I still cant get over the lines where we voted. The wait was consistent all day. At 7:00 we drove by and there was still about an hour wait to vote. Amazing so many people came out to cast their vote.

I also want to congratulate Corey Brown on becoming State Senator of South Dakota. Such an exciting time for him and his family.

03 November, 2008

Happy Halloween

What a wonderful Halloween day we had. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! and the day was fun.
I am so sad that they don't let kids dress up at school anymore at least here they don't, so I make sure the girls have fun clothes to wear that day. Look at their cute tights!

This year Maddy was a cat, Abby was a mouse (I prepared for cold weather but during trick or treating Abby was actually hot), Tabitha was Raggedy Ann (I did get her to wear the wig for a few pictures) and Lucy was Miss Pug America.

When I asked the girls to pose this way they instructed me that this cat and mouse are friends and this cat would NEVER eat a mouse!

I took the girls Trick or Treating on our street at 6:30 and then Tabitha and I handed out candy while Vinod took the big girls out for about 1 1/2 hours more.
Now I told you it was beautiful weather, it was so nice Tabitha and I handed candy out outside. Tabitha and I were in short sleeved shirts! It was beautiful!


It was the day before Halloween that we got our large pumpkin to carve. Thank goodness it was an easy one to get all the goo out. Abby enjoyed that part the most and was the biggest help when it came to the guts. Tabitha would not even touch the pumpkin once the top came off!

Gooey slimy pumpkin guts!

Tabitha and Abby painted their pumpkins they got from the patch. I got some new paint it is Crayola 3-D. It is so hard to clean up!

Here is our family of pumpkins!

This is Pumpkinstein!


Pirates. Arrrrr!

The 4th and 5th graders at Clegern preformed Pirates! Maddy got a speaking roll and her class did a dancing/singing number. The kids all looked so good in their pirate costumes and they all had such a good time acting the part.


I just love that some many places let you dress up. Its great to get some extra uses out of the costumes!

At gymnastics, Tabitha dressed up. It took a lot of convincing because she loves her leotard very much but we got her in it.

This is Tabitha's teacher Miss Bridget. She is the best and T just loves her! She is one of the few people T voluntarily gives a hug or let touch her!

Bring a Friend

At dance class the girls could bring a friend (mommy forgot) so Maddy asked her teacher if she could bring Tabitha and Miss Lisa said yes! Tabitha was by far the youngest in the class (by about 5 years!) but she really kept up with the girls. Sadly she didn't have a nap and after about 20 minutes she got completely wore out.
Abby's class got to dress up. Her class has been practicing the dance from Thriller. It was so cute. I wish I could upload the video but I have the hardest time getting them uploaded. I will try though.

02 November, 2008

White Belt

Maddy has been taking karate and her first belt test was on the 20th and Maddy earned her white belt and her Gee (karate clothes)!

Doesn't she look great!!!



Olivia comes over to play every Tuesday. The girls love to play together. At first they always played in Tabitha's room in the toddler bed. Now every time she comes over the girls set up a little picnic in the living room. They drag the Elmo chairs from the kitchen and they always sit at the same sides of the table. They play and eat for quite a while...until it time for a real lunch.

Pumpkin Patch

Fall break is always our time to go visit a pumpkin patch. This year Vinod took the day off and we ventured out and had a little fall fun. Vinod loved the corn maze, Abby loved the hay bale maze, Maddy LOVED the bunnies, and Tabitha loved the fish and the pumpkins oh and I loved the hay ride.
After we took the kids to lunch at Pops which is our favorite place for bottled sodas.

Harn Homestead

Abby's 2nd grade class took a field trip to a living history farm in Oklahoma City. Abby had so much fun. They got to learn about living back in the 1890's like guess who cleaned the toilets and cattle stalls? Yup the kids. They had a school there and Abby learned so many facts. She really had a great time!

Halloween Party

The MOMS Club had their Halloween party and Tabitha had a fun time....eating! She always has such a good time eating!
I did get a few pictures of her in her cute Halloween costume. She was Raggedy Ann minus the wig. Tabitha won best homemade costume.
This is the same costume Maddy, and Abby wore when they were 2 1/2 and this is the same costume that goes on my Raggedy Ann doll. The dress and bloomers are about 29 years old.


October 1st was World Vegetarian Day and boy do I love this vegetarian!