02 November, 2008

A day with Thomas

Tabitha is quite the fan of Thomas and when he came to town (on a truck by the way) we jumped at the chance to see him. We got there early and got to see some electric trains, read a story, watch a magic show, get a balloon from a clown, and most importantly go on a train ride with Thomas. We got to ride in "Annie" and the ride was about 25 minutes long. Half the ride was backwards. Tabitha loved seeing the bridge, and cabooses. She also loved driving her Thomas on the window sill.

Tabitha loves Thomas but she really LOVES Sir Topum Hat but she would not get her picture taken with him.


mommy2alex said...

How fun!!
Love the picture of her and her Thomas on the ride, great shot!
We took Alex to Grapevine, TX to see Thomas for his third birthday - he wouldn't get his picture taken with Sir Topham either:(