29 April, 2008

The smallest in the bunch

Today was Tabitha's 2 year check up. She weighed only 20 pounds and was 33 inches long.
Maddy weighed 20.5 ponds and 34 inches. Abby Weighed 23.5 pounds and 33 1/4 inches.
She did pretty well until the doctor looked into her right ear. Her tube is coming out and is attached to the ear and it hurts a bit. Oh and she had a shot too. She shows off her boo boo to everyone.

27 April, 2008

Tabitha Claire is 2!

What a fun day! Tabitha woke from her nap just as the first guest arrived. We put on her party dress and after a little while and some chocolate she was ready to party!
Banana Cookies

Monkey party hats. The kids just loved these! The monkey cake is in the background.
Tabitha's party hat. She would not wear it until after the party.
Tabitha sneaking monkey mix. Dried banana's, chocolate chips and cashews. YUM!
Here is the birthday girl!
Abby showing off the monkey cups.

Look at Sophie's chocolate face. She loved the monkey cupcakes!
Tabby is reading a card made for her.
Opening gifts.
I made this party sign for her.
My birthday girl.
Here is the party hat.
Elmo wrapping paper is a must for this girl!
Holding a birthday card.
Abby kept telling her there was another gift and Abby would cover her self in wrapping paper. Tabitha got paper and covered herself up!

See TT, another gift!

She loved everything. Her friends coming over, the gifts, the cake and all of the fun. I just cant believe she is 2. Happy Birthday Tabitha!

The Carnival

Here are pictures from the carnival. I made the soda cups, records, car, ice cream and the dancers. The cakes are for the cake contest which both of the girls won for their classes and Maddy's class won most cakes. Everyone had a great night. Maddy played the cake walk at least 20 times without winning and Abby had a blast just running around playing. Tabitha enjoyed watching everyone and she looked adorable in her little poodle skirt.

23 April, 2008

Your invited...

Hello.....is anybody there?

Yes, we are here and we are all healthy and very happy! It is just a nut house here. I took on the task of planning the spring carnival for the girls school. It has been fun planning it but so time consuming. Than of course Tabitha's birthday is Saturday and I am planning her party on top of that.
The girls have 2 weeks until their dance recital and they are so excited about that. They cant Wait to preform. Abby gets to do 2 dances and she has taught Tabitha to do some of her dance. Can you imagine a 2 year old shaking her hips singing hey little mama? Its so funny!
I need to get back to my cakes (yes cakeS, I am baking 3 cakes and 24 cupcakes for TT's birthday and for the carnival cake walk)

15 April, 2008

I just have to share this

Many of you know I don't like sewing, well I do if I don't have to follow a pattern. Well today I sewed and I accomplished 5 things all with out a pattern.
First I wanted to make Tabitha's birthday dress. I had something in my head and I did it. The paper that is on her birthday invites is the same fabric that her dress is made out of. It was a little thin so I wanted it to be lined or better yet reversible and I did it! I made her the cutest (if I do say so myself) reversible pillowcase dress!!!
Then I made a matching purse (because TT loves purses just like her mama)
Then I made her a t-shirt with the letter T on it.
Then I made Abby a poodle skirt to wear at the Fabulous 50's Spring Carnival that I am planning for their school. I told Abby guess what its April and I already made your Halloween costume! Even better she went for it! Halloween costumes for 3 little girls CHECK!!!
Then I made a little poodle shirt for Tabitha to wear to the Spring Carnival.
All without a pattern! I am so excited!
Now I need to clean up my HUGE mess!

13 April, 2008


Abby had her 3rd soccer game on Saturday. She just loves playing the game. Saturday's game was much like the last 2, the Eagles were behind. Actually the other team's goalie's spent most of the time alone because the ball never really made it there. That is until the last seconds of the game. The ball made it's way to the goal and the Eagles were trying so hard to get it in. The other teams goalie caught the ball with her hands and went to throw the ball away from the goal and instead hit Abby in the head and guess what....the ball bounced off of Abby's head and they SCORED!!!! Abby scored for her team with a header!!! Poor thing has a bump and a bruise but she was so happy to make a goal!!!