23 April, 2008

Hello.....is anybody there?

Yes, we are here and we are all healthy and very happy! It is just a nut house here. I took on the task of planning the spring carnival for the girls school. It has been fun planning it but so time consuming. Than of course Tabitha's birthday is Saturday and I am planning her party on top of that.
The girls have 2 weeks until their dance recital and they are so excited about that. They cant Wait to preform. Abby gets to do 2 dances and she has taught Tabitha to do some of her dance. Can you imagine a 2 year old shaking her hips singing hey little mama? Its so funny!
I need to get back to my cakes (yes cakeS, I am baking 3 cakes and 24 cupcakes for TT's birthday and for the carnival cake walk)