28 December, 2009

Rock Band!!!

The girls are so excited to have Rock Band. Rock on girls!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Matching jammies.

We are now the family of 3 snuggies! Each one of the girls got one.

Tabby saw this gift and asked for 5 days where is my sesses bag. She was very happy to finally get it!

Abby loves Little Miss and Mr. Men stuff.

Poor Tabby, Christmas wore her out.

Blizzard 2009

This drift was at our front door. How cool is that. It looks like a wave.

Abby and I delivered cookies to our neighbors in that. It was a little cold!

Christmas Eve we had a huge snow storm. The wind and snow blowing around was amazing. I was surprised how much we got. My area was reported to get 11 inches. we had snow drifts in our yard 4 and 5 feet tall.

Ree Drummond

So I have been following her website and trying her recipes for a while and she just came out with a cookbook. I have wanted to go to a book signing but the times were not great but she came to the bookstore very close to my house and I got to meet her and she signed my cookbook! I was very excited. Since I got her book I have tried several more recipes. I just love how easy her recipes are and how easy I can change them to suit our needs.

Dinner and a Show

We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse, the girls favorite because of the peanuts and rolls. And then we drove over to Chesapeake to see their Christmas lights. We didn't walk around because we weren't dressed for the chill but next year we will.

Tabby is filling her bag of peanuts.

December Misc.

Miss Lucy Lulu

Tabitha is reading one of our 25 books of Christmas. She kept saying "and then....."

Decorating cookies with friends.

Where is Tabitha you may ask???? No where near Santa!

Another one of our Christmas traditions, Christmas crackers.

Abby's class winter party. Above they are guessing how many candies are in the jar.

Christmas Card Photo

The card photo.

The extras (a few)...........

Always fun!

12 years

Vinod and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we drove to Tulsa to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, without any kids!
The girls stayed home with our friend Cassie. THANKS CASSIE!!!!

Do you see my chocolate cake?????? I ate it for 3 days!!!!!!! It was soooooo good.

Winter Band Concert

Maddy had her first band concert. There are 3 flutes in her class. She was first chair by default. The first chair had Chicken Pox. (How crazy is that!) She crossed her fingers all week he would have to stay home;)

She is in the middle in front of the tall blond boy.