28 May, 2009

Happy Easter!

Due to the cold and wet weather we kept having pretty much the entire month, our Easter festivities were kept inside. But the girls didn't mind as long as there was an egg hunt!

Peek A Boo! Where is Tabitha and Abby?

Vinod helped Tabitha get the high ones!


A Tutu Please.

Tabitha bought a new tutu with her money from Easter and she had to wear it immediately. I am beginning to think these tutus are like a security blanket. When we go anywhere I have to bribe her to wear real clothes and as soon as we get home she has to take her clothes off as soon as possible to put on a tutu.

Tabitha and Olivia

These girls are so cute together. Tabitha and Olivia love to play together. Here the girls are (and Jensen) at Toddler aerobics. The parachute was so much fun.



Abby was so excited when soccer season started. Sadly, I didn't get a lot of pictures due to rain, rain, and more rain. 3 of her games were cancelled and a couple were too cold to take Tabitha to. Abby had a great time. She even scored a goal her second game and she came close many times. Abby loved everyone on her team and her coach too.
April 2009

Piano Girl

After the Spring party with the MOMS Club Tabitha found the piano. She was so interested in the piano and it was quite cute. Now everytime we go to the church where we have our meetings she has to play the piano.

The Storm

The girls and I watched a storm come in and the sun was still out. It was so neat. I love the picture of the sun. That is rain in front of it. I cant resist the picture of Abby. Crazy girl.

I really need to update!

Sorry friends. I am taking pictures and we are doing lots of fun stuff but by the end of the day I am wiped out. So I am going to go back over the next few days (or week) and show you the highlights.

13 May, 2009

The Room is DONE!!!

The room took a little longer to complete than we thought due to all the rain. The paint dried so slow! But it's done!

Maddy wanted lime green, hot pink and black in her room and when she saw a damask pattern she loved it and wanted that too.

Her new desk!

We just love these curtains and Maddy LOVES the movie Twilight. She bought the poster with her own money and it was the first thing to go up in her room.

I created the canvas art with my Silhouette (a paper cutting machine) I love how it turned out!
She is now saving up for a pillow for her bed and a little pink rug for the floor.

10 May, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Happy 11th Birthday Maddy!!!
We love you!!!

09 May, 2009

While there are only 2....

I have been crazy busy cleaning! Got just about the whole house done today. Yea! It needed it. Tabitha moved into a big girl bed yesterday. She was so excited to get to sleep in the same room as Abby. She had a hard time getting to sleep, but tonight she was exhausted and it wasn't hard at all.
The big plan this weekend is getting Tabitha's old room all ready for Maddy to have her very own room. It was sad to see that cute garden theme go but Maddy is getting a cute sophisticated room. Bright green, hot pink, and black. I can't wait for Maddy to see it. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

08 May, 2009

And she's off....

Maddy sold enough cookies (she was the top seller!!!) to go to space camp and she left earlier today. So right now she is somewhere in Dallas about to go to sleep.

I miss her a ton!