22 December, 2007

Merry Christmas

You have to watch this. It is so great!

Hey Santa...

We took the girls this afternoon to see Santa at the mall. He is just so nice and so patient with the kids, even Tabitha didnt mind sitting on his lap.

TOMORROW we will go.

Instead of using our Advent Calendars to count down to Christmas Abby has used hers to count down to Iowa. She was so excited that today we were going to leave but sadly a storm has kept us home until tomorrow.
This will be our last post until we get home Thursday or Friday.

So I hope you have Merry Christmas!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Our friends the Brown's gave the girls these adorable shirts for Christmas. I LOVE THEM!!!

25 books of Christmas

This has to be my and the girls favorite tradition. Every night we open a Christmas book and read it counting down to Christmas. This year has been especially fun since they are really getting familiar with the books and they are both reading along.

She vacuumes too!

Our friends gave Tabitha a vacuums and she loves it. It sings and when it stops she will start to sing. She also vacuums all over the place even under furniture. It is so cute!


This year Abby chose a rolling pin and cookies as her ornament. This fits her because she loves to help bake Christmas cookies.

So we went to Hobby Lobby to get ornaments and Tabitha picked out her own ornament, a Tiara. Fitting since she is our little princess! She put it right on the tree but goes to it often to try on and then puts it right back!

Maddy picked out an angel ornament this year. Maddy loves angels and most of her 10 ornaments are angels!

This year we also got an ornament from the Girl Scouts. Its a snowflake that says girl scouts on it.

Brownie Ceremony

At Brownies the girls had their investiture ceremony. Each girl said this poem:
"Twist me and turn me and show me an elf, I looked in the mirror and saw myself"
Each girl is now an official Brownie.

They even got their own Brownie pin to wear on their sash.

I am going to market this...

The Cockle Doodle DOO

10 years

December 13th 10 years ago Vinod and I got married in Noble, Oklahoma. Today we live in Edmond, Oklahoma and are just as happy as the first day we celebrated the rest of our lives together.
Normally I wouldn't post this kind of stuff here but I have out of town friends that want to see my gift. Isn't it beautiful!

First Snow

We had our first snow on the 15th. Very pretty.
The girls got to go out and play but it was just to cold to stay out for too long.

Christmas Tree Farm

I have never been to a Christmas Tree Farm and it was quite a treat for me to be able to go on a tour of one with Tabitha and members of my MOMS Club. We started our tour with a look at pine cones, tree rings and a story. Tabitha liked the pine cone (lunch?) but would not sit with her friends for the story. She instead wanted to walk around and look at all the interesting stuff they had.

Next we got to go outside for a tour of the farm. So many trees. They had 5 pastures of trees and several different kinds. The owners of the farm had their house nestled right in the middle of all the trees on a hill. We walked out quite a ways and the farmer told us all about the trees and many interesting facts which I didn't quite get to listen to because Tabitha wanted to walk.
After the tour it was time to go inside and get warm with hot chocolate and cookies. Tabitha loved this part. The chocolate was just the right temperature for the little ones and Tabitha had 2 cups! But no cookies !?!
I want to go again next year with the girls!


Our famed actress Maddy was a star in her play Oklahoma. She did such a great job with her lines. The whole class did a good job. Maddy was Polly, one of Laurie's friends. She got to say 2 lines and be a bridesmaid at the end of the play. The girls in her class also sang and dance to one song.

Tabitha just loved seeing her sister up there preforming. As soon as she spoke Tabitha looked up and said Maee.


Tabitha really likes playdough. She gets it out in the morning and wants to play with it so badly. I really thought she was too young to play with it but she proved me wrong. She played with it for almost an hour. She loved to squish it in her fingers and she loved to break it up into small pieces and put it in the container and then dump it back out and start all over again.


We were trapped in the house for 3 days but we didnt loose any trees or power! Lucky for us but our neighbors lost many branches on their trees as did many other people and much of Edmond and OKlahoma City were out of power. The girls were only out of school for 2 days but OKC, Norman, and a few other surrounding towns were out of school do to the schools being out of power for the entire week.

Remembering the kitty

We always get asked how our kitty is doing. Well most of the year we only see him when he eats but when it gets cold out we see him all the time. He loves to sleep with us at night and he loves to hide out under the tree. Tabitha has taken quite an interest in him. She loves to hug him, give him kisses and pull his tail! For the most part he puts up with it. Which is why we love this cat!

Tabitha's new friend

The MOMS Club is collecting items for a needy family. We are keeping all the items here. Tabitha found the wrapping paper and carried it all around. When it was time to go to bed she kept saying mine mine mine and it was the paper that she wanted. I figured she would just throw it out of her bed but instead she fell asleep right next to it. She continued to carry it around for a few more days.

11 December, 2007

Elfin around

Kathy made this, she is the elf next to me. The full musical is on the Just 4 Keeps website. Look at it here http://www.just4keeps.com/
So much fun!!!

Little miss pigtails

Tabitha wakes up every morning and says bow (to say it the way she does emphasize the o-w)
She wants me to fix her hair as soon as she wakes up.
She now has just enough hair for piggy tail. Aren't they cute?

09 December, 2007

The Jolly Joshi Elves


02 December, 2007

November in a Nutshell

So it has been a whole month since I have updated the blog. Let me fill you in with all the fun things we did in November.

November 1st-Tabitha just loved the Halloween candy. She found this sucker somewhere in the house and eventually ate the whole thing. She was quite proud of herself and threw quite the tantrum when I wouldn't let her have anything else!

November 2nd-My MOMS Club group gave my good friend Jonnelle a going away party. She was the president this year and is moving to Minnesota. I am now going to be the president again!

November 9th-Our favorite little friend Reagan had her 3rd birthday party at a fun gymnastics place. Everyone had such a great time. Happy Birthday Reagan!

November 10th-A little girl in Abby's class had a pool party and they had so much fun. Look at these cupcakes. Taylor's family all made them. They are so cute!

We all just love our visits from grandpa and grandma. We had a nice visit, a great dinner out at a bbq place and then they got to stay over to sleep. Sadly they were gone before we got up in the morning.

November 13th-The girls had an open house in their dance class. Maddy is doing her barre exercises and Abby is practicing her X jumps in Jazz class

November 16th-So tell me do you think I have the next big singing group?

November 17th-It has been about 7 1/2 years since we had a family picture. Yes, that is before we had Abby and Tabitha. Definitely time. So here are our smiley faces!

November 22nd-Happy Thanksgiving! We had a very nice family dinner. This year Tabitha was able to join us to eat! We decided to smoke a brisket (yum) and have all the Thanksgiving trimmings to go with it. Tabitha loved the apple pie the best. In the picture below, Abby is writing in our Thankful book, which is a tradition that we do every year.

November 23rd-Well I can check off Shopping on Black Friday off my everything I have wanted to do list. I arrived at Kohl's at 3:45 am, then hit Wal-mart at 5:00 am, than Target at 6:00 am to do some shopping with my friend Jonnelle. I was home by 7:30 am just in time for the girls to start waking up. Will I be doing this again? Maybe if Jonnelle moves back to OK.

November 25th-We got all of the Christmas stuff out of the attic and we are now in full Christmas mode. The girls sure do love to get everything ready. Maddy and Abby pretty much decorated the tree all by themselves.

November 29th-Downtown Edmond had a Christmas tree lighting and the university had a holiday celebration. The kids craft was fun, but Abby loved the game room with the parachute the best. She also loved getting her face painted by the clown.

November 30th-A trip to Krispy Kreme Donuts with my MOMS Club group. We got to go on a tour, eat a hot donut and, make our own sprinkled donut. Tabitha really enjoyed the tasting portion of our tour. YUM! Me too!
This is the first tour of Krispy Kreme that I have not been able to take the girls. I really did miss that they were not even there. Shhhhh don't tell them though, I don't think they know we went.

I believe we have a climber! I caught her on the table trying to get some cookies but I surprised her and she put her hand in the pizza instead.
I am always telling everyone how much Tabitha loves shoes. Here she is walking around in a pair of dress up heals. They are so much bigger but she doesn't have a problem at all with the shoes!

So there, the very busy and so much fun lives of the Joshi girls.