22 December, 2007

Christmas Tree Farm

I have never been to a Christmas Tree Farm and it was quite a treat for me to be able to go on a tour of one with Tabitha and members of my MOMS Club. We started our tour with a look at pine cones, tree rings and a story. Tabitha liked the pine cone (lunch?) but would not sit with her friends for the story. She instead wanted to walk around and look at all the interesting stuff they had.

Next we got to go outside for a tour of the farm. So many trees. They had 5 pastures of trees and several different kinds. The owners of the farm had their house nestled right in the middle of all the trees on a hill. We walked out quite a ways and the farmer told us all about the trees and many interesting facts which I didn't quite get to listen to because Tabitha wanted to walk.
After the tour it was time to go inside and get warm with hot chocolate and cookies. Tabitha loved this part. The chocolate was just the right temperature for the little ones and Tabitha had 2 cups! But no cookies !?!
I want to go again next year with the girls!