30 July, 2007

What a weekend!

I had to work Friday night until 2 am so Vinod took the girls to a birthday party. They had a lot of fun. A guy from a pet shop in town came and showed many different animals to the kids. The girls loved the chinchilla the best.

Saturday I took the girls to a water park. It was so much fun. Abby tried everything and had a blast. Maddy did everything too without her life jacket! She is swimming so well.

We all got some bumps and bruises and Abby twisted her ankle. It was all swollen. But it didn't stop her from having fun!

Sunday we spent at home resting from Saturday!

26 July, 2007

15 months 15 pounds

Tabitha had her 15month check up today and she weighs 15 pounds and 9 ounces!!! The doctor was so happy to see the great weight gain. She is also 29 1/2 inches long. She had to get one shot and she did great.
The rest of our afternoon was spent at a local pool. The pool has diving boards, and a slide as well as great little kiddie area. Abby was going down the slide by herself and Maddy was jumping off the diving board with out a life jacket. SHE IS SWIMMING! She saw one of her classmates and had a great time swimming with her. Tabitha didn't know what to think of the water and mostly wanted to be held. Thank goodness we had friends there to help us, I was able to go play with the girls while a friend held Tabitha.
Tabitha was in bed at 7:30and Maddy and Abby have been very grouchy so I think it will be a very early bed time for them too.

25 July, 2007

Tabitha's First Movie

Maddy's first movie was Thomas the Train and Abby saw a Toy Story2 but Tabitha's first Movie was Gracie. Not the most appropriate movie for a 15 month old! She did really good though. She stayed in her stroller for about half the movie eating and then the other half running around. She loved the slope in the theater and loved rolling down when she fell. Good thing the theater wasn't full and good thing the people that watched the movie thought she was cute!

24 July, 2007

It's Tuesday!

Tabitha had her ENT appointment today. Great news! Her ear infection has cleared up and she has not lost either of her tubes! YEAH!!!! That is great news.

After her appointment I took Abby and Tabitha to toddler aerobics. Tabitha got involved a little bit today. She played with a balloon and ran around a little bit. She was very happy until she got hungry so we were off to eat pizza with friends. Tabitha wanted to sit next to her friend Harrison, he was eating some bread and cheese and she was eating some crumbs he left over until he very generously shared his bread with her. It looked like they were feeding each other wedding cake.

We finally went swimming today! The girls had a great time with their friends Alex, Reagan and Harrison. Tabitha was really worn out! She fell asleep in the car and I took her out and laid her on the couch.

23 July, 2007

Are we cursed?

Every time we make plans to go swim with friends it rains!
The girls were very disappointed it rained today. So after playgroup we came home and cleaned up the house so mom can go out and eat with friends tonight.

No more rain please!

Abby is 6!!!

Happy 6th Birthday Abigail!

Abby wanted breakfast in bed, Vinod made an omelet for her. She ate that and it was time to open gifts. she got a new bike, 2 new dresses, some dolls and a scrapbook. We took her to Toys R Us to pick out anything she wanted. She picked out a doll head that you can style and put on makeup. Then it was off to Incredible pizza for 4 and a half hours of pizza and games. Abby and Maddy got to go on the go carts and bumper cars. They just loved that.

We went home for a little cake and then it was off to bed. Everyone was wiped out!

The Party

We had Abby's birthday party at a friends neighborhood pool. The kids had a lot of fun. They did a relay race where they had to put on a swim ring, leis, a hat, sunglasses, and then limbo, then they had to go back and take it all off! The picture is of a little boy, Cole who went to put the glasses on and said these are for a girl. I told him it just for a game and he said oooook! then proceeded! As long as its for a game right! Then the kids caught water balloons. There was more splashing than catching going on but it was all fun! We went in and the kids broke open a pinata'. Abby and I made it together out of paper bags. Eventually I had to tear the bag open but that didn't matter what mattered was the candy. Then it was time for Abby to open her gifts. She got really great stuff! Abby says "Thank your friends!" Then they ate cake and then went swimming.
Abby had a great party!

It has been a while so lets catch up!

July 15th

Tabitha got bubbles for her birthday and I just now opened them. Yes shame on me because she loves them! Maddy and Abby had a great time catching them too!

July 16th

We went to an ice cream shop for a tour. The best part was the ice cream! Maddy has discovered sorbet and LOVES IT! She is eating lemon. Abby got sorbet too but I think she got the watermelon because it was pink!

July 17th

We went to the zoo. It was a free day so it was very busy. We got to go to a fun story time and walk around a little bit, but we only stayed for about an hour and a half. It was very warm! We did get to see the lion and he walked around a little bit. That was very neat to see!

We also had craft time at our house. We painted with fly swatters. Have you ever done this? You have got to try it. Such a neat idea! We had about 8 kids over and we painted in the driveway. We only got a little green paint on the house and just a few speckles on the kids!
After they pained the had snow cones inside. YUM!

Then Abby decided to become a coat rack. Where did she get this idea? "From the TV show Hannah Montana" She sure did look cute!
Still July 17th!
We had the busiest Tuesday ever! Grandma came and stayed with us for 3 days! The girls were so happy to see her. On Wednesday she took us to see the new Harry Potter movie. WOW was it good! We were all really into it. Even Abby. It wasn't scary at all for her.

July 20th

Yes, we were one of those people that went and got the Harry Potter book at midnight! The book store had several activities before the book was released. We got to see a little potions show, then a fortune teller. Somehow he knew Abby was having a birthday he predicted she was going to eat cake! He told Maddy she was going to be cleaning up honey nut Cheerios and one day a boy was going to ask her to marry him in a hot air balloon!
Vinod brought Tabitha up there just in time to see the costume show (there were a couple of great costumes) and then he took Abby and Tabitha home. At midnight there was a count down for the book and then we lined up for the book. There was probably 1000 people there. Luckily we got there earlier in the day and picked up our lot in line. We were out the door at 12:15 and by 1:00 AM!!! Maddy had already read 30 pages!

So that was a busy week!

13 July, 2007

Budding Artist

Tabitha grabbed the girls crayons the other night and started to color so I got her a box of crayons all her own! She did a little coloring and a lot of chewing on the crayons.
We were out this morning and I was taking her out of her car seat and noticed some stuff coming out of her ear. She ruptured her eardrum last night. She is on antibiotics. It also looks like she have lost one of her tubes and the other is shifting. She has an appointment with her ENT in 11 days. So we will see. I hope the medicines work!
Vinod was so sad he went and got her a new toy and she loves it!

12 July, 2007

What a Thursday!

We woke up this morning to RAIN! Seriously, I think a small ark could have floated in our back yard. It just so wet back there! We had to get out of the house so we ran to Hobby Lobby. Maddy wants to try sewing so we are going to make a purse for each of the girls. Super easy so it should be great practice for her.

Tabitha is loving peak a boo. She does it to herself, her sisters, and to her toys it is so cute and we all just love the laugh she gives after the boo. She is even saying peak a boo sometimes.

Abby is so funny with her lost teeth she talks a little bit different and she discovered another loose tooth! The tooth fairy is going to be so busy here.

Maddy is getting a little board. We need to find her an activity that she can do alone without Abby.

Lets hope we don't see rain tomorrow and please cross your fingers for no rain next Saturday and then the following Saturday after that. We have Abby's birthday pool party planned as well as a water park trip.

The missing teeth

We have been wiggling for quite some time and last night we really did some wiggling and Abby has lost her two front teeth! She looks so cute and cant quite say some words. Its very funny! After a visit from the tooth fairy last night Abby is on Cloud 9!

Pool Pictures

Busy week I guess. I have to share pictures of the girls in the pool.

09 July, 2007

It has been a few days!

I am still tired from Frontier City and July 4th and I worked two nights in a row until midnight so I have been trying to get my energy back.
The girls have been busy. We finally got their pool up and guess what...it rained today but only after they swam for about an hour. We wnet to the library and the girls got their summer reading awards. Yeah for them!
Lastly Tabitha is getting her 6th tooth in. It is in the back on top like the other. Poor thing it really is hurting her.

More pictures soon.

06 July, 2007

Little note

It seems our rain has gone and our warm temperatures are coming. 90 today and the humidity is sooooo high. BLAH! The girls want to swim so badly. Will have to see what we can do about that. Maybe we can finally get our pool out.

Have a great weekend.

05 July, 2007

Happy Birthday America

Our day started at 9:00 with the Edmond parade. This is the longest parade ever! After 2 hours we left and I think there was another 30 to 45 minutes left!
Then we went to lunch at a great bbq place that we had never been to before. DELISH!
We drove over to Bethany about 20 minutes from our house and went to a carnival and car show. The car show was pretty neat! We then decided to drive to Norman and have a picnic and see the fireworks there. They were worth the drive! Tabitha didn't cry at all. She would sit there and watch them and shout out an occasional oohhh and try to grab them. Of course Maddy and Abby loved them too. Maddy loved the one that was heart shaped and Abby liked the fireworks but was more interested in the live band that had played right before. They were great and they put a new twist on the polka! POLKA!!!!

03 July, 2007

Chalk it Up and a new tooth

The girls and I went to an Edmond activity today called Chalk it Up. A chalk drawing contest. It was very cool. The girls each drew there own picture. Maddy had a flag and fire work scene and Abby had a Oklahoma scene. Both were beautiful. They didn't win but they had a great time. They got to eat pizza, make several crafts, let balloons go to float and sing karaoke.

Tonight I was getting Tabitha ready for bed a thought a caught a glimpse of a new tooth and she now has tooth number 5. Its in the back though on the top. Very odd!

Have a Happy 4th!

02 July, 2007

Oklahoma Memorial

We took the girls to see the memorial today downtown. I have only driven by the memorial. I have never seen it and neither had Vinod and the girls. What an experience! The is such a peace about the whole place, and to think about the sadness that accrued 12 years ago. The girls really enjoyed the reflection pond and putting their hand prints on the walls of time.

After we went and had lunch on the canal at Toby Keith's, I Love This Bar and Grill. OK if you have one of these in your area, EAT THERE. YUM! We walked around Bricktown for a little bit and decided to get some ice cream. The line was so long so we came to Edmond and got ice cream there. We got to eat it outside and then we came home just as it started to rain for the 19th day in a row!