24 July, 2007

It's Tuesday!

Tabitha had her ENT appointment today. Great news! Her ear infection has cleared up and she has not lost either of her tubes! YEAH!!!! That is great news.

After her appointment I took Abby and Tabitha to toddler aerobics. Tabitha got involved a little bit today. She played with a balloon and ran around a little bit. She was very happy until she got hungry so we were off to eat pizza with friends. Tabitha wanted to sit next to her friend Harrison, he was eating some bread and cheese and she was eating some crumbs he left over until he very generously shared his bread with her. It looked like they were feeding each other wedding cake.

We finally went swimming today! The girls had a great time with their friends Alex, Reagan and Harrison. Tabitha was really worn out! She fell asleep in the car and I took her out and laid her on the couch.