23 July, 2007

The Party

We had Abby's birthday party at a friends neighborhood pool. The kids had a lot of fun. They did a relay race where they had to put on a swim ring, leis, a hat, sunglasses, and then limbo, then they had to go back and take it all off! The picture is of a little boy, Cole who went to put the glasses on and said these are for a girl. I told him it just for a game and he said oooook! then proceeded! As long as its for a game right! Then the kids caught water balloons. There was more splashing than catching going on but it was all fun! We went in and the kids broke open a pinata'. Abby and I made it together out of paper bags. Eventually I had to tear the bag open but that didn't matter what mattered was the candy. Then it was time for Abby to open her gifts. She got really great stuff! Abby says "Thank your friends!" Then they ate cake and then went swimming.
Abby had a great party!