26 July, 2007

15 months 15 pounds

Tabitha had her 15month check up today and she weighs 15 pounds and 9 ounces!!! The doctor was so happy to see the great weight gain. She is also 29 1/2 inches long. She had to get one shot and she did great.
The rest of our afternoon was spent at a local pool. The pool has diving boards, and a slide as well as great little kiddie area. Abby was going down the slide by herself and Maddy was jumping off the diving board with out a life jacket. SHE IS SWIMMING! She saw one of her classmates and had a great time swimming with her. Tabitha didn't know what to think of the water and mostly wanted to be held. Thank goodness we had friends there to help us, I was able to go play with the girls while a friend held Tabitha.
Tabitha was in bed at 7:30and Maddy and Abby have been very grouchy so I think it will be a very early bed time for them too.



I LOVE early bedtime for my three sons! Gives me more time to decompress.
I stumbled cross your blog via the next button and enjoyed it.
You're a great writer-such passion.