27 February, 2009

Classen Bound!!

Maddy got her acceptance letter to Classen School of Advance Studies today!

This is going to be such an amazing opportunity for her!


26 February, 2009

Miss Tabitha

She is feeling much better today. We went out for a little while but I could tell it was exhausting for her. We only lasted about 30 minutes at Target before having a melt down. We usually walk around for well over an hour.
She didn't eat much again today but really that isn't too unusual for her. She is still having a bit of pain but hopefully that will let up tomorrow. They told us days 3 to 7 is usually the worst so I took Saturday off from work so I could be with her. Hopefully it will be a good weekend.

Still no word on Maddy. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

25 February, 2009

Our Little Patient

Today was the big day. We got to the hospital bright and early at 7:30am and they took her to surgery at 8:30am. At 9:00 we saw the dr and he said the procedure went very well, and in a few minutes they would let us go back to see her. As soon as I opened the door to go to post op I could hear her crying. Her eyes were not even open yet and she was not very happy, they had just given her morphine. She cried and cried and spoke very little to us. We tried to get her to drink and eat a popsicle but no luck. The nurse came back and suggested we take her to a private room to recover. She said something about the other children bothering her but I think it may have been her bothering the other children. At 10:00 she was still crying and the nurse gave her Tylenol with codeine. At about 10:30 she fell asleep and woke up at 11:00. She finally spoke to us legibly. She drank some juice and the nurse took her iv out (by the way she never even cared that the IV was in her hand, all the talk about it worked!) And we were home around noon. She is still in a lot of pain, her mouth and nose hurts a lot. Poor thing.
She has sure enjoyed the attention though. She has eaten 8 popsicles, and some yogurt. Won't each much else because it hurts (I am thinking this is because she had a breathing tube). She loves the balloons from her sisters, a doll (named doll) from Uwa (Oliva), and a big Minnie Mouse. Not only that, her birthday outfit came and she LOVES IT!!!! But I wont show pictures of that just yet. I will just say its very Tabitha.
Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. I know T will have a speedy recovery.
I really hope this does the trick.
These pictures were taken before she went to surgery. She wasn't happy and asked if we could go home. She really did not like the socks they gave her or the hospital bracelets they put on her leg. She didn't mind the gown though but it was a little too big.

We just got her to sleep here. Her little face is swollen. She finally got chubby cheeks! Even if they only lasted a little while.

This picture was taken just before we went home. This is pretty much the look on her face all day.

24 February, 2009

While the girls are away, Tabitha and I will play!

Tabitha and I got a yummy treat while waiting for the girls to get done with dance. We cant go watch anymore because Tabitha gets upset that she cant go in and dance. 6 more months Tabitha!

This morning I took Tabitha and Olivia to get donuts before their gymnastics class. The girls picked out pink donuts and pink juice. When we arrived at gymnastics the girls both squealed (quite loudly) in delight that we were there. They love gymnastics.

Tabitha loves soccer balls and high heals and I was quite surprised how well she did playing soccer in heals.

I think she is giving up naps. I knew the day would come but I wish it could last a little longer. She stays in her room for a while for quiet reading time and when she comes out if we have friends over who may be napping she has to be quiet in mommy's bed. Today she got her "homework" and worked for a while.
A TT funny:
When Tabitha gives you a gift ( it could be money out of my purse or fluff off the couch) she says "Christmas tree" to you. Christmas must have really left an impression on her!
Her big surgery is in the morning. I will keep everyone posted. Say a little prayer for her.

21 February, 2009

Pretzel Rings

While waiting for Maddy and Abby to get out of school, Tabitha shared her beautiful pretzel rings with me. Pretty!

18 February, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a day full of many hugs and kisses. Happy Valentines Day to all!

Cookie Update

A huge Thank You to everyone who has helped the girls with their cookie sales so far. We have sold almost 300 cookies and we have donated 77 boxes of cookies to the troops. Abby hopes to make it 100 boxes to the troops.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


Tabitha is growing like crazy! She still weighs like 20 pounds but she is really absorbing everything. She loves the alphabet. About 2 weeks ago she picked out a K and hasn't stopped identifying letters since. She loves to read just like Maddy. She would let me read to her all day. She particularly loves all Dr. Seuss books and the 5 Little Monkey books. She just recently started drawing people and they are sooooo sooooo sooooo cute. I love them!

She has been potty trained for a while but I could not resist posting this picture. She looks so cute reading her magazine.

Tabitha is really into dressing up these days. If she isn't wearing a fancy dress or one of the girls dance costumes she is wearing a leotard. She loves to dance.

We had a little Valentines party at our house last week. It has been so long since I did something like this. Tabitha had so much fun. It was really worth it.

We took Tabitha to the Dr. on Monday and on the 25th of February she is going to get tubes again and her adenoids out. I really hope this helps with her ear infections. Poor thing has had so many. I don't think a month has gone by since she was 6 months old that she hasn't gotten an ear infection.


Abby is in a creative phase. Anything she can use to create she will try it. She has painted with water colors, made a foam ocean scene, write out phrases or pictures with buttons, made things with clay and drawn many great pictures for us.
She also go to try out for her school play and has two lines. She is going to be a cute cute frog!

Abby loves clothes and putting together outfits. For Valentines day she got this shirt and black leggings that she loves. She is our fashion girl!

In dance she is learning 4 dances. She can't wait for her recital in May. She has really changed so much since last year. She is really good!


Maddy is really enjoying 5th grade this year. We are so happy Maddy has made a new friend this year. He is great and really helps her stand up for herself and most importantly have a great time in life.

Maddy had a lot of fun going to a spa valentines day party. She loved getting her hair crimped and colored. Hot stuff! But one thing she just could not keep her hand out of was the hot wax hand spa. She loved and must have dipped her hand over 15 times. They were quite soft.

Maddy went Monday to take a placement test for Classen. When she was done with the test, she walked out with a huge smile. She really had fun taking the test. We will find out sometime next week if she gets into the school.

17 February, 2009

February 10th, 2009

Some might say it is too early for a tornado but I say, this is Oklahoma. I have seen 80 degree weather at lunch time and snow by nightfall. This is the state where you see all 4 seasons in a week.
We were home and it was almost time to go get the girls when the sirens sounded. I watched the weather and got Tabitha, her friend and Lucy in the storm shelter. At one point the rain got really loud and I moved Olivia away from the vent. As soon as I moved her it stopped. I am thinking this is when the tornado passed by us. Soon after we got lots of rain and hail. We lost power also. About 4:00 I finally left to get the girls from school but instead of going home we stayed at Olivia's watching the storms than ate dinner and then went home about 7:30. The power had gotten back on about 6:30.

These are pictures I got when we drove around looking at all the damage a few days later.

This is a brick wall not far from my house. It looks like someone pushed it right over. The brick was hardly thrown out of place. In the right top corner is a trampoline that got crumpled.

This neighborhood is about 6 miles from our house. There were about 15 houses that looked like this and many many more that had other damage like, fences down, shingles torn off, outdoor furniture misplaced.

This house is across the street from a row of houses that got a lot of damage. This looked to be the only damage this house got. This is my favorite picture. Look a that flower. It's saying "nothing can keep me from growing"

These two pictures are of the same house. Amazing.

This two pictures are also from the same house in a neighborhood just west of the above neighborhood. Look at the mailbox below. Only the top is missing.

They said the winds were over 100 miles per hour and this storm only got stronger as it went North. The hail also got more severe as the storm moved North. In some area's there was reported softball size hail and also 3 feet of hail in some areas. One person told me it looked like snow everywhere on the highway and it was raining at the same time, very odd.
By our house we had several power lines that snapped. Several on top of houses. I could not get good pictures because they were out working on the power lines. Before there were wooden poles but now there metal poles.


We had a lovely snow and ice storm that cancelled school for 3 days. It was so cold they only got to go out in the snow the day it all melted so they didn't get to play in much. Tabitha had her fill only after a few minutes but the big girls stayed out for quite a while until they were frozen from their toes to their nose! Brrrrrrrrr.


It's been a while I know....

So what have we been up to? Well I am not even going to upload a lot of Christmas pictures. There just too many to choose but Wii had a lot of fun.


Maddy, Abby and I went to the 2nd annual Girl Scout Chocolate Festival. We brought milk chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting and we ate so many other chocolate things. Yum Yum. This is a must do for us every year!


Vinod turned 41 in January. The girls had a lot of fun helping their dad celebrate.


Maddy had her 3rd spelling bee in January. I am not allowed to write much but persimmon is not her favorite word.

As a special treat for all of her hard work in the spelling bee (she worked really hard) I took the girls and Maddy's friend Chris to a pet store to play with some four legged friends and after we got some ice cream. It was such a nice day we ate it outside.