24 February, 2009

While the girls are away, Tabitha and I will play!

Tabitha and I got a yummy treat while waiting for the girls to get done with dance. We cant go watch anymore because Tabitha gets upset that she cant go in and dance. 6 more months Tabitha!

This morning I took Tabitha and Olivia to get donuts before their gymnastics class. The girls picked out pink donuts and pink juice. When we arrived at gymnastics the girls both squealed (quite loudly) in delight that we were there. They love gymnastics.

Tabitha loves soccer balls and high heals and I was quite surprised how well she did playing soccer in heals.

I think she is giving up naps. I knew the day would come but I wish it could last a little longer. She stays in her room for a while for quiet reading time and when she comes out if we have friends over who may be napping she has to be quiet in mommy's bed. Today she got her "homework" and worked for a while.
A TT funny:
When Tabitha gives you a gift ( it could be money out of my purse or fluff off the couch) she says "Christmas tree" to you. Christmas must have really left an impression on her!
Her big surgery is in the morning. I will keep everyone posted. Say a little prayer for her.


mommy2alex said...

She is just growing up so fast and is more beautiful than ever!! I love the picture of her playing soccer in heels!
Miss yall!!
I'm praying and thinking about both of you today!!!