31 October, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!!

It is not fun that kids cant dress up in schools anymore so we get pretty creative! Maddy's tights are great and Abby's shirt says Mummy's girl!
Here's the little trick or treaters all ready to get some candy.
I took the girls out just up our street and back home so Tabitha could go then we came home and I put Tabitha to bed and Vinod took Maddy and Abby out for over an hour. They got so much candy!
Tabitha has her bag and is ready to go!
Wait Tabby!
Silly girls!

These are our neighbors and their cousins. I think this is such a great group picture!
MINE...ALL MINE....Tabitha had so much fun taking her candy out of her bag and then putting it back in!
I think Maddy and Abby had more fun handing out the candy than getting it! As soon as they got home from trick or treating with Vinod they wanting to pass out candy. Sadly no one else came.

Another Storybook Forest adventure!

Well here we are again, at Storybook forest. Maddy and Abby ask as soon as the Halloween decorations come out if they can go to Storybook Forest. It is so much fun.

This is one of the girls favorites. They both always go up and talk to Humpty Dumpty. Isn't he cute!
Tabitha was very happy. Why? Because she is eating a piece of candy. One of those Mary Jane's. Did you know that they are extreemly sticky? When I was getting Tabitha in the car her arm was stuck very hard to the carrier by that candy. You could have used it as glue!
Here is a picture of us on the hay ride. I think this was Tabitha's favorite part. There was a flashing light and she was mesmerized by it. She almost fell asleep too!

Until next year!

Storybook Forest

I had to work and Vinod and the girls had a father daughter dance to go to so our Friend Jonnelle watched Tabitha for the night. She took her to this fun very kid friendly trick or treat activity.

Tabitha had a very fun time. Jonnelle and Alex dressed her up as Tinkerbell. So cute! She got her picture taken with Pocahontas

and she got to eat her first toasted marshmallow. YUM YUM!

Vinod and the girls had a great time at the dance. Vinod said Abby danced her heart out and Maddy just loved having her dad there.

I also took the girls to my scrapbook store to get their picture taken by this girls who used to be a photgrapher but now does it for fun. She does an amazing job and was so patient with Tabitha who was not in a picture taking mood, BUT we did get several great pictures of the girls!

Fire Station Tour

You know I wonder what Tabitha thinks when I take her to places like this. She was completely quiet the whole time but when I tried to put her down she wouldnt have anything to do with that. As we left I asked her if she liked the fire trucks, she shook her head no...which is a true no.
Nothing like Abby and her woo woo's!

25 October, 2007

The Brownie

Abby got her sash for Brownies and she even got her first patch for Locks of Love. She just loves her sash so much. She wants to wear it all day long. Problem though, she gets so dirty at school I don't want her sash to get ruined.
She looks so cute! You just want to eat her up! Whoops she's not that kind of brownie!

22 October, 2007

We had a Yabba Dabba Do Time!!!

Our MOMS Club had it's Fall party today. What fun. Vinod came with me so I have to say it was quite relaxing. He really seemed to enjoy it too.
The girls dressed up as Betty, Wilma and Pebbles. They looked soooooo cute! I think Abby is definitely a Betty look a like!
The party was complete with a pinata. After the bag was broken Abby came up to me and said she didn't get any candy. I asked why and she said because the bag of candy fell on her head! Poor thing. It was quite sad looking, but she quickly cheered up when the girls won a prize for best homemade costumes.

21 October, 2007

Race for the Cure

Maddy, Tabitha and I walked in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure bright and early Saturday morning. We had a team formed with our MOMS Club. Maddy and I were very very excited. It was a 5k race (3 miles) and Maddy and I even ran really small parts of it. Of course we ran through the finish line!
Vinod and Abby came too to cheer us on. They had fun walking around while we were in the race.
Maddy and I finished the race in about 55 minutes. Not bad at all! We can't wait to do it again next year and Abby want to go with us too.

Abby was not so happy to get up at 6:45 am! You can't tell though can you!

19 October, 2007


Our morning started off with breakfast at Pop's with our friends, Diane, Sienna and Ava. The girls sure do love eating breakfast there. Abby loves their eggs and Maddy really likes their pancakes with strawberries. Then we were off to the pumpkin patch.
Complete with pony rides which we didn't do this time but we sure did enjoy watching the silly horse. He was a little excited to be fed!

There were several animals to see. Ducks, chickens, cows, a llama, and goats.

Of course the bunnies were a HUGE hit for Maddy. She just loved seeing them. I actually had to pull her away from them so we could go play with the huge piles of hay.
We took a hay ride. It was actually very relaxing. Tabitha really enjoyed it. Below is Abby and Reagan. AWWWW

This is Abby and Sienna in a fun hammock. They enjoyed being swung in it.
This was another kid sized hammock they had there. It was so cute.

Reagan's quest for the day was to find the biggest pumpkin for her daddy. She sure did! It looks like they were all going to help her take it to the car!
Maddy in the corn maze. Can you find her?
Here is Tabitha and her boyfriend Harrison. They were giggling about something.
I just LOVE this picture of Alex.
Here is Tabitha picking her pumpkin.
My fall beauties.
Oh and another pet they had was a SKUNK....named POLO like the cologne. He eats hot dogs.
It really was a fun beautiful day.