19 October, 2007


Our morning started off with breakfast at Pop's with our friends, Diane, Sienna and Ava. The girls sure do love eating breakfast there. Abby loves their eggs and Maddy really likes their pancakes with strawberries. Then we were off to the pumpkin patch.
Complete with pony rides which we didn't do this time but we sure did enjoy watching the silly horse. He was a little excited to be fed!

There were several animals to see. Ducks, chickens, cows, a llama, and goats.

Of course the bunnies were a HUGE hit for Maddy. She just loved seeing them. I actually had to pull her away from them so we could go play with the huge piles of hay.
We took a hay ride. It was actually very relaxing. Tabitha really enjoyed it. Below is Abby and Reagan. AWWWW

This is Abby and Sienna in a fun hammock. They enjoyed being swung in it.
This was another kid sized hammock they had there. It was so cute.

Reagan's quest for the day was to find the biggest pumpkin for her daddy. She sure did! It looks like they were all going to help her take it to the car!
Maddy in the corn maze. Can you find her?
Here is Tabitha and her boyfriend Harrison. They were giggling about something.
I just LOVE this picture of Alex.
Here is Tabitha picking her pumpkin.
My fall beauties.
Oh and another pet they had was a SKUNK....named POLO like the cologne. He eats hot dogs.
It really was a fun beautiful day.