06 March, 2009

Most of you know my dad is building a house in Texas. My step mom sends me pictures of the changes and we all love getting the pictures and watching the progress. This morning I showed Abby the picture above and she said "that's great all he needs now is a floor, some walls, and a room, then he can decorate."
If only it was that simple!

02 March, 2009

We Came, We Saw, We Ate

We drove out to Okarche about 45 minutes from the house and I will just say it was not what I expected. First you have to stalk people while they are eating to get a table. Its fend for yourself. I heard lots of "I was here first" and "we have to wait how long to push 2 tables together?" The wait alone for the chicken was an hour and we were there at 2:30 in the afternoon. The place was completely packed. I think the best part though was their fine china, wax paper for plates and when they clean a table they get a trash can and wipe everything in the can and wipe off a table. The table can be ready for the next person to sit in less than a minute!
They have chicken and pretty much only chicken....with bone. Nothing boneless! The girls ate nachos and okra and I ate okra. Vinod very much enjoyed the chicken. So it was all worth it ;)
Most likely we wont be making a trip back out there but at least we have been there and done that!

Abby has a whole new sparkle to her...



She did it! She got her ears pierced. She picked out beautiful flower earrings in her birthstone. The store only had one person working and we would have to wait quite a while for her to get both ears pierced at the same time so Abby chose to do one at a time. She didn't even flinch and she said it didn't hurt at all just a sting. She just loves them. She walks are saying "I forgot I have earrings in there now" and "look one...two earrings!"