29 February, 2008

"It boke"

The time has come for us to break Tabitha from her pacifier habit. She has 5 of them you know...
I took 4 of them and tucked them away and cut the top off of one. She got it before bed stuck it in her mouth and spit it right out and wanted nothing to do with it. I told her it was broken and I could not fix it. I gave her the broken one before she went to bed and she said "it boke" it was so sad and the look on her face was even sadder. She cried for about 1/2 an hour but went to sleep and I have not heard from her since.
Nap time is going to be a tough one though I have a feeling.

it boke.........

26 February, 2008

Adventures in Math

Maddy has been having a little trouble understanding fractions so starting this week Maddy is now in Math club at her school. Yesterday was her first day and they got to play on the computer. Maddy loved it. Wednesday Maddy is going to be going to a tutor (a mom in my MOMS Club) so she can give her hands on help. Its just going to be her and Maddy which will be so good for her.

Pictures from last week.

This picture is from the train we saw. I didn't get any better pictures because Tabitha just wanted to be a passenger that day while her friends were the drivers.
I just love this kooky hat Tabitha doesn't share the same feelings as I do but she did wear it for a while when we just had to go outside and play in the ice and so cold temps.

We ended the week with a fun trip to McD's. Tabitha will only play at the end of the slide.Luckily we didn't have any accidents.

23 February, 2008

This was our week

The girls finally made it back to dance class, They both missed 3 weeks due to activities and illnesses. They were eager to go shake their groove thing. Tabitha and I went to the scrapbook store to help my boss out for a bit. Of course a ton of new stuff came in and I just had to buy a few things!
Last night Grandma came over to visit. She is here for the weekend before a class she takes in Norman. The girls just love her visits. We got to go eat with her at our favorite place Souper Salad. Everyone ate so well. Especially Maddy who loves salad and baked potatoes. My sweet vegetarian was in salad heaven!
Tabitha is doing very well with her new tubes. She is sleeping again and really is much happier. She was so happy to see her Friends Jo Jo and Olivia. Olivia got to stay here two times this week. Tabitha and I took Olivia to a pizza place for lunch and close by is a fun train to play on. It was a little chilly but we got to play for a few minutes.
Maddy got her mid term grades this week and she was so excited to report straight A's. She was a little worried about her Math grade but it was a 97. No need to worry Maddy!
I am off to run a few errands before work. Have a good weekend.

This little ducky

Isn't so little! We went to Wal-Mart and Tabitha fell in love with Ducky (which she says very well) She carried him all over the store and as soon as we got home she put him in the microwave?!?!?!
She loves her ducky very much! She took a bath with him and all the rest of her ducks the next morning and she kept pointing to a ducky saying ducky, ducky, ducky...

17 February, 2008

A good weekend.

Tabitha has done great this weekend. The runny nose and cough have completely stopped (after 1 month) and she has slept through the night! Yeah!
We didnt get all that bad weather like they said we would but thats a good thing. The sun is out and today its 50! So nice.
Have a great weekend.


15 February, 2008

Tabitha is such a trooper!!!!

After She did such a great job getting her new tubes. She went in screaming and came out wanting a sticker and she was just fine. She keeps grabbing one ear but maybe it actually feels better!

Before going to the doctors office Tabitha and I went to our MOMS Club Valentine party. It was such fun. Tabitha enjoyed coloring on her valentine envelope and eating m&m's off of cookies yum yum!

This is quite a face!
And so it this one! He He
Here is Kathryn who wrote all over her envelope how much she loved Tabitha.
And here is cute cute Sienna and Ava two of my favorite girls!

And look what I got for Valentines Day. A little bitty camera just for my purse. My other one is great but quite bulky this one fits right in my purse and I can't wait to take lots of pitures with it!

It is really susposed to get quite cold here this weekend. Some freezing rain and snow. I need to run to the store to get stuff for chili. Its going to be a great weekend for it.

14 February, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

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13 February, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I went to wake Tabitha up from her nap this afternoon and look what I found.

Doesnt she look very cozy in there! I uncovered her and she still slept.

Tabitha had a very hard day today. She spent most of the day crying. I just hope she gets better very very very soon!

I was thinking I havent written much about the other girls. They are doing pretty good. Maddy and Abby sold 212 boxes of girl scout cookies! They are very excited about getting uniforms.
I cant wait either they are going to look so cute!

12 February, 2008

High Noon

On Friday Tabitha will be getting tubes put in again.
We are very happy we wont have to wait too long. It is an in office proceedure. It shouldnt take more than 10 minutes. Of course that is the longest 10 minutes of my and Tabitha's lives!

11 February, 2008

New Picture of A.J.

A.J. visited grandma this weekend. He came over very stylish! I can't get over how much he looks like Jeff and I when we were babies.

He sure is a cutie!!!

Raging Ear Infection

Yup. It is Tabitha's 4th ear infection since Christmas and this one was bad. This is the second time I let things go and she gets these horrible fevers of 104 and she wont sleep. I was up with her all night ( I cant beleive its 11:00 pm and I am awake) We take her to the ENT in the morning. Tabitha's regular doctor hopes the ENT will put new tubes in tomorrow. She said we shouldnt wait.
Poor baby. I see a new Elmo doll or Dora (whom she also calls Elmo) in her future!

She weighed an even 19 pounds fully dressed this morning at the doctors office.

More tomorrow after her appointment.

06 February, 2008

80 degree days, frozen lima beans and snow

Monday we had the most lovely 80 degree day. We played outside at school and at home. Tabitha had so much fun playing on her slide and coloring with the chalk.
I let the girls playoutside while I made dinner. Tabitha wanted to have some frozen lima beans. I thought there was no way she would eat them. She did and she came back for more 2 times. I thought for sure she would eat them warm with dinner. NO. So TT loves frozen lima beans. Now that is odd!
We have some of the smartest weathermen in OK. We were forcast to get snow flurries sometime in the night. Instead we woke up to thunderstorms and pouring down rain. Let me tell you something weathermen, snow is not the same as rain! How could they not tell there was a thunderstorm coming?
Well the now did come last night. We woke to a little white dusting on the ground this morning. Very pretty!

03 February, 2008

Superbowl Fun

I was so surprised by the turn out of the game. Way to go Giants!
We went over to our friends house to watch the game. At one point there were 16 kids there. HOLY BUCKETS! That was the biggest mess I have ever seen. Stuff was everywhere, but the kids had fun and played very well together.
I really enjoyed talking with friends and Vinod loved watching the game with the guys.
Tabitha had fun too playing with a couple cups of water and eating tons of pieces of bread. She does love bread!

01 February, 2008

Yes it has been a while but I am back and I have added music!

I figured your going to have a lot to read so I better make it comfortable!

So what have we been up to? Lets see...
Christmas was a lot of fun with a few twist just to make it memorable. Lets just say I am surprised we are not banned from Iowa! The girls had so much fun opening gifts by the time we were done they had 4 different Christmases. Now that is fun!

I just loved seeing A.J. He is the cutest baby boy ever, so big compared to my dainty girls. It wont be long and he will be able to let them know who’s boss!

Deena made this very cute frame for my grandparents of Avery. Isn’t it the cutest!
While we were in Iowa it snowed 2 times. It was so pretty. We got just what we wished for, a white Christmas. Of course while we loved it they were all ready for a heat wave to melt it all. (Its still there!) There are no pictures of Tabitha in the snow because she at first thought is was very interesting until she touched it and she was sure to let us know she didnt want any of it touching her!

You would think all of the festive unwrapping activities we did Tabitha would have figured it all out but she didn’t. When we got home and were unwrapping gifts under our tree she just stuck them in her shopping cart and pushed them around. Funny girl! She finally figured it out and was very happy to see what she got under the paper!

Abby got a new hamster for Christmas. This is what she asked for. Her name is Cuddles Olivia Joshi. As I tell everyone we just can’t have normal animals, she fits in just fine.

We definitely have had our battles with colds since we came home. Tabitha has had 2 different ear infections after her tubes fell out. I see new tubes in our future. Abby is home this week with a horrible cough and fever. She is finally better and will be going back to school tomorrow.
Tabitha has been to the dr. enough times now she knows to get a sticker and a sucker with every visit. Abby decided to stick her stickers on her. I would have rather she put them on her shirt but not Abby she had to stick them on her HEAD! So Tabitha walked around for a couple of hours like that before someone (Abby) eventually took them off her.

Tabitha had a friend over to play. Her name is Olivia. Olivia is just a few months younger than Tabitha. The girls have known each other their whole lives and every time they get together its is such fun. They basically walk around holding hands and playing with each other. Such sweet girls. I am now going to be watching her once a week. This will be so much fun for Tabitha.

It came, and now that it is over he doesn’t want to talk about it. Vinod has turned 40!!!! The girls had a great time making his cake and shopping for his gifts.

The girls went to the Build a Bear Workshop to make their own bears. This is something they have wanted to do for quite some time so they were so excited when we told them we could go. They got to pick out their bears, stuff them, then pick out clothes and accessories. On them way home they decided to give Tabitha makeover. Don’t you just love it!

Maddy and Abby got their report cards. Maddy got straight A's so we took her to Krispy Kreme Donuts to get free donuts. We ate a few then took the rest home. Tabitha got a chair pushed it over to the counter, climbed onto the counter, got a donut, got off the counter and chair and came into the living room and ate the entire donut.

Abby lost her 7th tooth.

Tabitha found a nice warm hat that matched her jammies.

Tabitha is getting to be such a big girl. She can say just about anything I say. She is learning her animals both with sign and the sounds they make. She loves Elmo and her baby (thanks Jeff and Deena). She likes to push her vacuum around and pull on Haley’s tail. She says Maddy very clearly and loves to give her sisters hugs. She no longer calls Vinod mommy instead she is calling me daddy. She loves to read books and her favorite are Elmo stories. She is always wanting nack (snack) and duce (juice). I just cant believe she is 21 months old!

Maddy was in her class spelling bee again this year. She was the 4th to last one out. She missed the word torpedo. She studied so hard. She is already looking forward to next year’s spelling bee!

So there we are, up to date.

Oh and Happy New Year! (Oh and by the way we were all worn out on New Years Eve that we actually slept through midnight. Abby was so upset we had to promise not to do that again this year!)