27 September, 2008

Hot Air Balloons, Policemen and Firemen

What an fun adventurous Saturday. We got up early for a tour of the Edmond Police Station but as we pulled out of the drive way, this is what we saw:

WOW! The hot air balloon was basically in our front yard. They had just taken off at the school yard by our house. Tabitha was the one that spotted it. Baboon mommy baboon she said and she was right!

Then we were off for a tour of the Edmond police station. The most exciting part was the booking room and the jail cell. The kids really enjoyed that.

On our way home we saw firetrucks and went over to see them and they were having a car seat safety check. So the firemen were checking out Tabitha's car seat and Abby went over and checked out the firetrucks. She was the only child there so about 5 firemen gave her their undivided attention. One fireman sat with her and talked with her for about 5 minutes about American Girl Dolls.

Then were were off to run the rest of our uneventful errands.

5th grade party

Maddy's class had a party at a neighborhood park. Out of the 50 kids in her class, 24 came to the party. They had soda (this was the highlight for Maddy), pizza and played lots of fun games.

Cell Project

Maddy's class had to make a 3-D model of a plant or animal cell. Maddy picked a plant cell and made a flower out of her model. Pretty neat!

11 September, 2008


I am so excited to announce that Tabitha is officially a potty user! Hurray!
She really didn't care for the Elmo potty seat I purchased sometime ago instead she likes the Dora cushy seat that goes on the potty. That is all it took, a new seat to make her comfortable. She picked out her very own princess panties and has to be wearing them all the time.
Yea for Tabitha!!!


Goodbye old friend.

Vinod has sold his car, but the car isn't far away. In fact it is now one street north of us. We see it driving by almost everyday! It confuses Tabitha a little bit. She says daddy's car? Get daddy's car. I tell her no that's not his car anymore his car is red. Then the next red car she sees she shouts out IT DADDY CAR!!!

Everyday is a fun day

Tabitha really loves it when her friends come over to play. We watch Josie on Mondays and Olivia on Tuesdays and when Tabitha gets up and I tell her her friends are coming she gets so excited. Here is some of the things these busy girls do during the day.

Tabitha and Olivia just LOVE to jump in the bouncer. Its pretty big so I don't get it out often but when I do I can guarantee a good time by all!
Peek a Boo Olivia...I see you!
It's daddy on the hello!
Mr. Potato and Mr. Carrot fun!
Nap time? No way! Its playtime. Shhhh baby and frog and Laa Laa are sleeping.


Let the remodeling begin.....

Finally after living here for 6 years I am getting my living room painted and decorated! I thinking waiting so long made it easier to pick everything out, because I have been envisioning everything for so long. The room is based on the colors of Autumn. Deep reds, browns, gold, dark greens. Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

Vinod did all the painting. He has so much more patience than I do at that and he does a pretty good job!

I made the larger pillows. Thanks to my grandma and my friend Jonnelle, they gave me the courage to make the pillows out of the wrong side of the fabric. I even made the buttons to match! I am most proud of the cornice. I did this (with an exception to anything mathematical and involving a saw) all by myself!!!!! It really turned out well.

We put up shelves and added a new coffee table and end table to the room. The tables are wicker and so pretty.We added a new clock above the fire place. I have a friend that has the same clock and I loved it! Had to do the same. The numbers are actually stuck onto the wall. Very cool looking!

See this whole time I knew my lamps and curtains would work out beautifully!

I even got a little (well not really) something for the kitchen, a set of silverware for a giant.
We still have a few things to get and the living room will be done. Next my beach inspired bed room...2014

Anything she can do...

I CAN TOO!!!!!
Maddy had the idea to put on goggles in the bathtub and Tabitha had to try it too. Tabitha even tries to put her face in the water. It took me a week to get those goggles off!

When ever Tabitha sees one of the girls playing the DS she either sits down to watch them or she gets her own game out and plays.


The ever so strange sleeping habits of Tabitha

She is the most particular sleeper ever!
She has to put her head in a certain corner every night.
Her water cup must be in the opposite corner.
She has to sleep with certain blankets right now it is 7 blankets and they must be facing a certain direction.
Her baby doll is the only toy allowed in her bed. Accompanying her doll must be her dolls rattle and her dolls nilk (milk).
I love these little things about her. It makes me wonder what kind of adult she will be!


We are a little sad Tabitha is too little to take dance class at the same school Maddy and Abby go to but we found a fun activity Tabitha seems to like. Her first gymnastics class was today and she had fun! Her friend Olivia also takes class at the same time. This helps me a lot because I can say...look what Olivia is doing...

She did pretty good. There was a lot of holding and I really got a nice sweat going but she had a fun time.