12 July, 2007

What a Thursday!

We woke up this morning to RAIN! Seriously, I think a small ark could have floated in our back yard. It just so wet back there! We had to get out of the house so we ran to Hobby Lobby. Maddy wants to try sewing so we are going to make a purse for each of the girls. Super easy so it should be great practice for her.

Tabitha is loving peak a boo. She does it to herself, her sisters, and to her toys it is so cute and we all just love the laugh she gives after the boo. She is even saying peak a boo sometimes.

Abby is so funny with her lost teeth she talks a little bit different and she discovered another loose tooth! The tooth fairy is going to be so busy here.

Maddy is getting a little board. We need to find her an activity that she can do alone without Abby.

Lets hope we don't see rain tomorrow and please cross your fingers for no rain next Saturday and then the following Saturday after that. We have Abby's birthday pool party planned as well as a water park trip.