05 September, 2007

We got our Kicks on Route 66!!!

We took the girls to Route 66 on the East side of Edmond. We ate breakfast at Pop's, this little place that has over 400 bottles of soda. They also serve food, which was very good. Its a new little place. They had the best service I have ever had!

After we took the girls to see the Round Red Barn. Just amazing. It is over 100 years old. Downstairs they have it set up as a museum tell about it's history and the history of Arcadia and up stairs they have it as a meeting room. I wanted to have a big barn dance. It was so neat! I really think my dad need to build his barn just like the round barn and put in a loft so I can have a barn dance with the girls.

Then we went up the road a bit more and found the first service station in Oklahoma on Route 66. I wish someone would restore that and make it a little shop of some sort.

The on a whim we decided to go to this place that had a VW bug buried in the ground. It turns out its a little museum. More of a hobby for the owner. He had a lot of memorabilia all over and an area set up as a diner and theater. Upstairs he has Herbie hanging out the side of the building. The girls got in and drove for a bit! Cute!!!
This VW bus is a replica from one of the cars in the movie Cars.
Then it was time to go home.

Thanks Route 66 for sharing your history with us!