17 August, 2008

Everything is going so well!

Tabitha is doing so well in her toddler bed. She just loves it. After we read a few stories she gets in bed and lays down. We have to cover her up with 5 blankets (!!!!) and give her a few books to read and she is just fine. A few I love yous and we close the door to a very happy girl. She is waking up pretty early but I think that will change. When she wakes up she plays in her bed until we get her.
Today was the first day she took a nap in her bed ( she has been just playing for a while until we get her) so we thought she needed something special for this very big accomplishment. We took her to Babies R Us and with Abby's help, Tabitha picked out some pajamas. I have to laugh though, there were Dora jammies, and princess, jammies, and kitty jammies and green jammies and pink jammies with butterflies and she picked out these! Doesn't she look absolutely adorable in her Thomas jammies!

I just love her smile and hair in these pictures. She is just so darn cute!


mommy2alex said...

Yay sweet girl!! SOOOO proud of TT for sleeping in her big girl bed!
LOVE her Thomas jammas, she definitely has her own personality and isn't afraid to show it - LOVE her!!!!

Kristi said...

That's so funny she chose Thomas, she def has a mind of her own, cutie pie. I'm not having as much luck in the toddler bed!