15 July, 2008

Downtown take 2...In search for the tallest building.

This isn't the tallest but it sure is pretty.
We were downtown several times and we we all wondered which building was the tallest. Vinod got the idea to go into the one he and Abby thought was the tallest and see if we could take the girls to the top. I didn't think we would be able to but we got onto the elevator and pressed 50. This floor was a restaurant and was not open so we went up to the 51st floor and it was an office with a very nice receptionist and she let us go into the conference room and we looked out the building.

By 17 feet the building we were in was the tallest. The building above was the second tallest.

The girls 51 floors up.
This is our building!
I think we were straight up at this window, third row from the right.


mommy2alex said...

Very cool!!
Yall are such fun tourists!!