18 July, 2008

Science Museum

Jennifer, Paden and Josie asked us if we would like to go to the Science Museum. Its getting so warm out that we were all very excited to go. The museum is one of our favorite places to go.

Maddy loved the space room the most. There is a black hole to play with and also a space ship simulator. There are other fun things in the room but those two are Maddy's favorites.

Abby loved a new exhibit called Tinkering Garage. There is a lot of things to create and build. She really liked stacking the cups the most. She made this one and it was 3 dimensional.

Tabitha was in a mood and did not feel like walking until we went in to the kids room and she was all over the place. She loved the slide and the water table the most. She got a little wet and had to walk around in her diaper which was just fine for her!



mommy2alex said...

What an awesome photo of Abby behind the cups, cannot wait to see the layout that you come up with for that on!!