15 July, 2008

Happy 4th

We started our day with the parade in Ames. It was a nice parade. The girls loved all the candy they got.
My favorite restaurant, Hickory Park, was passing out popcicles to everyone. Maddy, Abby, Tabitha, and A.j sure had a tasty treat!

Who ya gonna call....GHOSTBUSTERS!

More popcicles! Its a good thing I brought 2 4th of July outfits for Tabitha becasue she needed the second one!

One thing I love about Iowa is the smell of clover in the summer. Ohhhh it is such a wonderful smell!

Maddy and Abby (and Vinod) loved the sparklers before the fireworks. It was a nice preshow!

Happy 4th of July!!!


mommy2alex said...

Look how cute your star-spangled cuties are!! LOVE that picture of them in the clovers, just beautiful!