15 July, 2008

Hard Rock

After our adventure it was time to head over to Hard Rock to meet Jonnelle, Alex, and Hailey for lunch. We had fun in the gift shop, eating lunch and looking around. Lots of neat things to look at. Oh and while we were eating they were playing some great 80's music videos. Yea!

There is a little room upstairs dedicated to Prince. He has a couple of guitars, some clothes, and these lovely shoes on display. Vinod asked our waitress where Princes purple castle was in Minnesota. She told us when he moved to Los Angeles he decided he didn't want anyone to live in his castle so he BURNED IT DOWN!!!! Yep....that will do it!

These pictures were taken on the side of a bar. All of the stars have names of bands on them. We think these are all bands that have preformed at this bar! Maddy's favorite band, the Smashing Pumpkins was on there!

After lunch it was time time to say goodbye to Jonnelle, Alex, and Hailey. Thank you guys for a great time. We will miss you.


mommy2alex said...

Such a fun time - we LOVED seeing you and cannot wait to see you again, hopefully SOON!